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What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2024?

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Winter 2024
Lincoln Leadership

What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2024?

Anothny Bair
As we enter 2024, my New Year's resolution is to practice daily gratitude. Practicing gratitude can greatly improve quality of life and day-to-day emotions, even when times get tough. I'll accomplish this by being more appreciative to my family and peers and focus on the positives that come out of the good and the bad. I will also practice starting every morning on a positive note by reflecting on the things I'm most grateful for. I'm confident that practicing this will greatly enrich the interactions I have with people.

Danny Guerrero
With skills improvement: Complete the AESC Certificate in Executive Research (CER) program, take the Effective Interviewing Elearning course, seek out more mentorship, further explore music theory and music production  
Physical goals: Heal  


Luke Wheeler
To be more intentional with financial choices and prioritize my health.