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Candidate Corner with Ron Simon

This month's Corner features Ron Simon, Chief Executive Officer at Families United Network, Inc.

In your new role, what was your major impact the first year? 

Three men standing on a path in a park

Teamwork: Strengths and Differences at Work

As flies  nipped at my legs at dusk on a humid summer evening, I spent time with my good friend Rich posting flyers in West Philadelphia to promote a festival in Cobbs Creek Park. I held the posters in place as Rich stapled.

Client Chronicles with James B Murray, Jr.

This month's Chronicle features James James B. Murray, Jr., Managing General Partner at Court Square Ventures,  Founder and Chair of the Board, Presidential Precinct and Member and Former Rector, Board of Visitors at the University of Virginia

What Does Leadership Mean to You?

We asked our employees at Lincoln Leadership to describe leadership in one sentence. We received a wide variety of replies.