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Spring 2024

Transitions and Change

As I reflect on my journey with Lincoln Leadership since its inception in May 2021, I have experienced and ultimately welcomed a significant amount of change. Leaving colleagues and friends from the Diversified Search Group after almost 18 years was challenging.

Spring 2024

Employee Spotlight

What is your favorite vacation spot? Why?

Spring 2024

Client Chronicles with Kathryn Lattimer

This month's Chronicle features Kathryn Lattimer, Chief Strategy Officer, Center, Global Energy Policy, Columbia University.

Spring 2024

Candidate Corner with Justin Ennis

This month's Corner features Justin Ennis, Executive Director of Philadelphia Outward Bound School.

Winter 2024

Client Chronicles with Randy Philipson

This month's Chronicle features Randy Philipson, Vice President for Facilities, Campus Development, and Real Estate at Tulane University.